Create Louisiana Filmmakers Grant


The #CreateLouisiana Filmmakers Grant program is a partnership between the LEH, Deep South Studios, and the New Orleans Film Society recognizing and supporting the burgeoning, indigenous filmmakers that contribute to Louisiana’s vibrant creative economy. 

Learn more at, and stay tuned for future #CreateLouisiana grant opportunities.

Past #CreateLouisiana Award Recipients

The LEH awarded $5,000 to Zac Manuel’s film Bloodthicker as part of a documentary feature film grant in 2017. The project tells the story of Young Juve, T.Y., and Lil’ Soulja Slim, three young rappers and friends whose fathers were highly influential Southern rappers. Lost Bayou, a film steeped in Cajun cultural and spiritual traditions that told the story of a struggling addict who ventures out into the Louisiana swamp, received the 2017 #CreateLouisiana Narrative Feature Film Grant.​

In 2015 #CreateLouisiana awarded a $50,000 grant to Plaquemines, a feature short by director Nailah Jefferson and producer Jon Wood. The film premiered at the 2016 New Orleans Film Festival and was broadcast by HBO in 2017.

#CreateLouisiana French Culture Film Grants

Lafayette filmmakers Syd Horn and Olivia Perillo’s documentary, Intention, received the 2019 #CreateLouisiana French Culture Film Grants. Intention profiles women faith healers, or traiteurs, who practice their craft through art, music, food, education, social work, and other traditions. The film examines what it means to be a healer in the modern world.

The 2018 recipients were director Bruno Doria and producers Lizzie Guitreau and Louis Michot, for their feature documentary film, On Va Continuer! In it, they capture the efforts of one man and his Cajun band to breathe life into a culture’s “dying” language using the one form of communication understood by all: music.

In 2017 #CreateLouisiana announced a new partnership with TV5MONDE USA to fund films exploring Louisiana’s French culture. Director and Writer Austin Alward and Producer Sam Claitor were the recipients of the grant for their short narrative film Le Grand Remix, which premiered at the 2018 New Orleans French Film Festival and tells the story of Cass and Felicia, two francophone New Orleans denizens. Heartbreak, music, and a shared love of vintage French vehicles lead the unlikely duo on an imagination-fueled journey.